15 April, 2008

Mungiki Insurgency !

Kenyans were astonished yesterday when transport in more than 5 major towns including the capital city were brought to a standstill in the wee early morning hours.The affected townships included Nairobi,Nyahururu,Nyeri, Eldoret, Murang`a , Limuru etc.What is confounding is that the security machinery and intelligentsia were caught flat foot in the massive misfeasance that transcended more than three provinces.Today morning again Kenyans have to walk because of matatu boycotts due to Mungiki threats!

Armed mungiki militia burnt more than thirty cars, barricaded roads,murdered some vehicle occupants by hurling petrol bombs and closed business premises in a show of force as if to insinuate they are a parallel Government.I remember previously highlighting this menace and lapse in a Nation Opinion article some time back but it seems the security machinery did not take the hint.This is the second time within a period of five months that the security machinery has let Kenyans down.The first instance being the post poll violence where it was alleged that the attacks were premeditated and preplanned and yet the security machinery did not get wind.The Mungiki instance shows a high level of organization and structure that should shock to sobriety any well meaning government.According to the Kenya National Youth Alliance(ironically what is so national about this group when it seems the majority are coming from one tribe?) the situation will stay put since the members are alleging police brutality ,extra judicial killings and the murder of the wife of one of their leading figures as being the provocation behind and cause of the criminal riots.

I know that our Police force are only humans and there is so much that humans can do especially since the increase in violence and insecurity was prophesied in the scriptures as a prelude to the destruction and end of all wickedness and the ushering of a new Heavenly based Governmental disposition-Gods Kingdom(Psalms 92:7,which states "When the wicked ones sprout as the vegetation And all the practicer's of what is hurtful blossom forth,It is that they may be annihilated forever" or DAN 2:44, Mt 6:10,Rev 5:9&10 Psalms 37:10 & 11)However on the other hand the ruling authorities have an obligation to ensure security pending that time.It behooves them to use common logic including investigation of criminality,criminal science and anticipating criminal maneuvers.At the same time the increase in crime can be attributed to the rising cost of living, youth unemployment and poverty that seems to be going unabated.

At the same time the public is equally culpable for the sad state of affairs.There are close to 35 million Kenyans and even at its best Mungiki boasts of having a membership base of 2 million adherents .Even if minutely possible that were true,then 33 million Kenyans are sitting by held ransom and hostage by this group that has sown peoples heads asunder in the recent past under the guise of being a religious outfit with good religious ideals!They live within us and plan their actions within us, it is therefore each individuals responsibility to report criminal activities to the appropriate authorities.That they can sit down ,plan and execute their criminal activities is indeed mind blogging and heads should roll within the intelligentsia circles because of maladroit, ineptness and callous handling of potential disasters.Peace,tranquility and righteousness must prevail over murderous hatred and criminal persons.


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