04 April, 2008

Apprentice Africa-Episode 5

Akatu Ochai was fired in last nights fifth episode of the Apprentice Africa basically because of keeping in reservations he had about a comercial advert that Zulu Corp came up with.But most importantly from the episode one could clearly see that Biodin Shobanjo has a soft spot for Eddie Mbugua and Tunde(Babatunde Ojikutu) .Will one of them end up being the Apprentice in the final show? ...who knows?lets just wait and see but the CEO's liking and preferences are starting to manifest themselves.

In the meantime,Kenyan fans of the Apprentice Africa lets us please root for Eddie.He is eloquent,loyal to his team mates,apt and equal to the tasks ,decisive ...among many other positive qualities.I know he will go the whole ten yards but in the event he doesnt.I hope the top Kenyan companies will give him a good deal.If you are a CEO and are reading this kindly give him offers and let us just know about it! It may just be good marketing and a branding opportunity.


  1. you are really rooting for this guy "Eddie". He better be as good as you claim caz we got his back. Wish you luck Eddie.




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