25 April, 2008

Mother's Day in Africa

Mother's day as celebrated in the west is not so popular or significant in Africa.Perhaps this is because of scanty information as to its origins and significance(a lot of religious holidays have cropped into Africa from the west of late and many conscientious Africans are treating this holidays with extreme caution).

While indeed it is good to acknowledge ,reward and give special attention to the priceless effort and sacrifices made by our mothers towards our well being on the other hand conscientious Christians must watch that in participating in any event they do not have sharing /fellowship with works of darkness or belial (2 Cor 6:14-17) and this is manifestly true with respect to mothers day considering its origins as stated in Wikipedia see also http://www.theholidayspot.com/mothersday/history.htm .That is manifestly the truth about holidays that sometimes we are so quick to embrace because of what we perceive to be the meaning behind it but failing to acknowledge its roots or what the scriptures say .As it is most Christians treat the Bible as a buffet menu,they only pick what they like-me-ism and reject what they feel they cant comply with!What a shame!


  1. Very true.. That's human tendency to take the nicer parts and leave the not so nice stuff like a "buffet"!

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  4. thanks shravan, im getting good traffic mainly because of google and my good posts,i will visit your blog and if i like it add a link, thanks



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