12 April, 2008

Blogskinny -Blog Aggregator

I,ve always taken upon myself the duty of informing my African readers and bloggers on the latest and most effective blog aggregators that they can use to generate traffic for their website!Today i focus on blog skinny(this information is also useful for non- African bloggers).

A look around the African blogosphere today indicates that most bloggers rely on Google's Ad sense & Ad Words to generate revenue.I would verily say this is a long shot
since there are not so many Africans out there who have access to the internet or who are willing to purchase stuff online.I know for certain mostAfrican Bloggers earn probably less than a dollar each month from Google which is not worth it!With low traffic then ad sense is not so readily advisable for African users.At the same time our Big Corporates companies are yet to embrace online advertisement.At best only in the south African blog market does one have a chance of succesfully,monetizing and achieving rewards from monetizing their blogs.But that does not need to be the mainstay of the African blogosphere and for African Bloggers.Today i would like to recommend blog skinny which is a site that does not only get you more traffic but using your rss feed publishes your content.Further they offer you advice on how to monetize your blog .They are definately true to the banner here below.They make your computer do work for you

affiliate best program

Hence my appeal for African bloggers whether they are from Kenya ,Ghana, Egypt,Algeria,SudanZimbabwe,Uganda,Tanzania, Morroco,Nigeria,Ziare,Sierra Leone,Gabon,Namibia(there are quite some best quality blogs there that need recognition and awards just that lets not just blog about politics,our leaders, or even ourselves only.Africa is rich in content and diversity)or any other Country out there.Your blog cannot only be a source of deep satisfaction but can also generate money.Stay tuned to this blog for interesting reviews, news on blog directories,aggregators,African blog awards etc.I am sincerely commited to encouraging the development of the African blogosphere and bloggers

If you find my posts to be worth it and helpful.Kindly click on the below link to promote tis blog and hopefully reach more audience with this crucial information(Thanks in Advance)

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  1. Thanks for the tips & keep them coming. A local alternative platform to google would be welcome, since local advertisers are yet to emberace direct net adverts (Notice how top kenyan sites like the nation have as much adsense as local adverts)

  2. Great to see that there is more focus on Africa. Because you are promoting Africa, you should get a blog at bundublog.com, a free blog host for Africans. Thanks for the info

  3. I love your effort. We Africans need to come together and promote one another's presence online. The Asian bloggers are doing it, so I don't see why we cannot. Cheers.

  4. by the time you were writing this post i didn't even know what a blog was and now i am bordering on addiction. this info will help me get mad traffic. thanks



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