14 April, 2008

Pay Per Post

I have finally signed up to payperpost.Why do i say finally because initially the site required a ZIP code and as we all know most Countries in Africa(Kenya included )do not use a ZIP code but post office box numbers.This is indeed welcome!

What is Payper Post all about.Well the site allows the bloggers to post articles on specific goods or services or to review certain products.If the post is of acceptable quality the blogger earns some money.Payperpost is indeed an effective means of monetizing one's blog.The money gained can be used to enhance the appeal of ones blog(for one i hope to host this blog on its own domain and purchase a modern laptop so a to enhance my blogging capacity).Payperpost payments are secure and via paypal hence most ideal for African Bloggers.Once again i emphasize that African bloggers interested in monetizing their blogs should take advantage of this unique opportunities to generate revenue.

I am just amazed at paypal,the user friendly interface and most importantly the convenience that the site has.The terms of payment are much better than for Google Ad sense or Ad Words.Im most certain that more and more African bloggers would embrace this opportunity.At the same time i hope more and more African bloggers do write quality posts on areas of special importance for the African Continent such as Agriculture(i tried finding information on how to effectively apply fertilizers such as Urea and was pleasantly shocked at the scarcity of information).For now pay per post is a darling that i want to court and im certain i will be pleasantly surprised! You too should join -thats if you blog!( i have a widget on the side for ease of access to the site)

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