23 April, 2008

Cheap International Phone Cards!

I have a relative in Pittsburgh ,Pennsylvania who just recommended to me cheap international call cards subsequent to which i thought i should feature it in this blog.To purchase the cheapest international calling cards just visit http://www.therichcom.com/for the widest array of international calling cards without hidden connection fees,just talk time!

The site is especially ideal for india phone cards at ideal rates.So if you are located in India give it a try at the hyperlink in this sentence.The Rich.com have a most competitive calling rates for international pre paid calling cards and are authoritative.Just Google the term cheap international phone cards and you will find out what i mean(they have the highest Google page ranking on the specific keywords)Thus unlike some shadowy unknown, phony internet company , the Rich.com comes out as a genuinely authentic retailer,competitor and leader in its niche.

Rich.com customers can purchase prepaid phone cards to call international destinations ranging from Asia to middle east and Europe. Customers also have the option of using their web site to search for best phone cards to call from United States to virtually anywhere in the world with much cheaper rates than from large companies like at&t, sprint, etc.For example to cal to Africa-Nigeria may be as little as 1.7 cents,Zimbabwe 1 cent,Botswana 3.3 cents etc.Now thats what i call competitive rates!


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