02 April, 2008

Inflation Rate Rises In Kenya

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics yesterday released the consumer price indices and inflation rates for march 2008 (link here) confirming the fears of many Kenyan Citizens that the worse is here and the more worse yet to come!

Many of us are really complaining about the unabated rise in the price of fuel,electricity common commodities such as cooking oil,wheat flour, tomatoes, sukuma wiki,beans, maize flour, bread , alcohol,etc.This is especially so over the past month of March 2008. A packet of loaf has reached an all time high of Kshs 40/=.Nairobians isnt this absurd yet we dont have to import the wheat?The inflation rate increased from 19.1 percent in February 2008 to 21.8 percent reminiscent of 1992 when Kenya went through tumultous times due to politically instigated land clashes.

There is a huge nexus between the myriads of problems Kenyans are now facing and poor leadership.Indeed" man {continues} to dominate man to his own injury"The rise in prices cannot be attributed to natural calamity,weather changes or drought but on human error. Somewhere ,somewhat there is something very wrong that needs to be addressed by the aloof political elite.Fare prices especially for eastlands residents has increased tremendously (one now has to factor an increase in the fare that would see him get to town in January that now enables him/her to only get to Muthurwa and then board another metropolitan shuttle bus to the Central Business District(CBD) at additional cost)while the earning power for the majority remains the same.Failure to implement real measures to tackle the rising poverty will inevitably lead to rise in insecurity and violent robbery.Someone somewhere needs to rise to the occasion and sort this mess at the same time certain measures ought to be discussed at cabinet levels before decisions that would inconvenience and alienate the Mwananchi from the ruling class are taken.That is insight and wisdom

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