31 March, 2008

Zimbabwe Elections/Poll Results 2008

There is mounting tension in Zimbabwe as the Electoral Commision delays announcing the election result.Of the 6 seats already announced officially.The oposition has 3 and Mugabe's Zanu PF taking the other three.To avoid a similar scenario as was witnessed in Kenya, there is already heavy Police and military patrol of the cities and yes there are already fears of a coup if the opposition wins. This lends itself to the question:"why vote?"

The Movement for democratic change on the other hand is claiming that the poll delays is actually an attempt by the Government to rig the poll.Unfortunately African Countries never seem to meet the test of Democracy nor do African leaders empathise with their electorates due to the many problems they drag them into.But a time comes when each one has to account for his actions before the Almighty and thats the time that humans recognize they are but mere dust.

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Unfortunately it is impossible to access the official website from outside Zimbabwe at :http://www.zimbabweelectoralcommission.org/This tends to illustrate the censorship,mitrust and backwardness that accompanies certain egocentric and despotic leaderships in Africa

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