17 March, 2008

Apprentice Africa Episode 3

This is a power blog and people are reading it!last week i suggested to the apprentice Africa team to incorporate a multinational task that would be truly African and mirror the dynamics of the African Businesses.I also pointed out to the team to evaluate the performances of the participants objectively both in terms of preparation and actual execution of the task and guess what!The Apprentice Africa team got the queue and as much expected Matrix corp carried the day which i believe they should have in the task done during the second episode.

The task this time involved managing an indigenous fast food outlet(Food Concepts) that has outlets all over Nigeria and in Pretoria South Africa as well as come up with a unique Combo that would be sold in the fast food outlets.The task brought to the fore the unpreparedness,neglectfulness,management and leadership deficiency in the Matrix group.The male only team has always counted on last minute efforts and ingenuousness to carry them through the day! I guess that doesn't work all the time!Good managers are in charge of defining their destiny, anticipate the unforeseeable and try to mitigate on the challenges that may crop up.

Zulu corp went to their advertisers without a visual image or picture of the Combo that they ere going to prepare,when asked they gave a lame excuse that Africans more or less tend to rely on oral word of mouth rather than the visuals.Please! Mr. Biodin Shobanjo the CEO is where he is because of advertising, visual advertising thereby underscoring the need to embrace this rapidly expanding and vibrant sector of modern economics.For this they reaped costly when the cool hands off Kenyan team leader Anthony Njagi was sent home packing!

Matrix corp had a combo featuring the mouth watering Nigerian favorite Joloff rice,fried Chicken and Salad.Their presentation included an impressive flier but what was personally astounding to me is how each time they handle their assignment by discussing objectively on the task,analyzing it ,thereafter infusing ideas and trying to gauge consumer needs.Their openness provides a conducive environment for mobility of ideas and these works well for them.This week we salute you Matrix corp but remember the contest has just began and for the groups, ooh yes... never forget to factor in tax in any business venture!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that if you wanted a sneak preview of the next episode you could find it here: Apprentice Africa



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