27 March, 2008

USA Favourite !

Seems this blog is a favorite with more USA readers( closely followed by Britons) than Kenyans,just goes to show the strategy im taking while trying my best to monetize the blog !In Africa it seems that there are more Nigerians closely followed by South Africans who frequent this blog and i believe this data as gathered from my geomap can be replicated accross many websites!Im definately thankful for all the readers and well i will definately continue to churn content that has an international appeal from A Nairobian Perspective!


  1. Hi Collins,
    I've enjoyed reading your posts. It gave me a sneak peak into real African life. It's life that's more than the war and strife that I always hear about. Best to you and keep posting. Oh, I like the blog idea about Swahili food, wish you would develop it more.

  2. Thanks Kalinyaccents!Africa is a beautiful and rich continent unfortunately only most of our dirty linen attracts the international media's attention.But blogs such as this are changing the perspective!visit more often and contribute.Thanks



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