20 March, 2008

Kenya's FM Radio Stations!

Unfortuantely most of our FM radio stations are turning out to be audio tabloids with little wholesome information save for puerile,derogatory , sexually suggestive and or immoral comments!I especially have a beef with Kiss 100 FM which has been airing this uncouth comment from one Nairobi guy about what should happen to a certain lady.The worst thing is that they keep on repeating it as an advertisement!I am among many fair minded Nairobians who are not impressed by this ad.Keep it off air,its not funny!

Mr Patrick Quarco ,kindly get better people who will give us better content rather than obnoxious stuff that the station is churning.Man do i miss those days of guys of substance such as Jimmy Gathu.You can make a name by keeping it proffesional.Todays Kiss 100's breakfast show featured an item on an event that transpired to a female friend of the new guy Larry Asego as if that is news!!!I mean...Kiss reinvent yourself ,re-engineer the station.The public can easily be turned on and off and you will loose audience!I mean it where there is smoke there is fire.The customer is king

Nation Media's Easy Fm (96.4)is not faring so well too,Munene Nyaga seems to be laughing at anything that has sexual connotations and some section of the public seems to be loving it.Worse is many women and young teens seem to be calling with a frenzy especially when the subject is "dogging" i.e. unfaithfulness to one's mate!True -Sex sells but sex kills too,a carefree life often leads to lack of self worth and myriads of mryiads of other social problems to those who indulge.It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that no progressive societyhas been found in the abscence of acceptable morals.At the same time the marketing department must be careful about which niche of the market they seek to address and their purchasing power.If its iddlers and those out to just hear something new or debauched then they watchout on their sales and reputation.Advertisers want to use advertising media that is reputable and ugurs well with their brand.CallingAmerica.com Free USA Calls !

I hope the media council reins on some of these radio stations.Their editorial staff must censor the content because the comments are aired live and are accessible to all members of family.For now Capital FM(you can actually listen to it live online at here and Homeboyz Radio are the channels of choice.Though they are not also out of the woods but one can clearly see that they have some editorial standards to maintain and do not capriciously handle issues. Keep it up dont lose sight of why you are on air!


  1. I have never like KISS FM personally. They are just vulgar and obnoxious. I don't know which Kenyans these are that listen to that station. They rely on tabloid and offensive for ratings.

  2. well, as much as i agree with you that Kiss airs some material that can be classified as provocative to some, you have also to realize that gone are the days of vitimbi and vituko when even talking about sex seemed taboo.These are issues that take part in day to day lives and Kenya is at a point of transformation where people can talk about anything they want.If u dont like it dont listen to it.

  3. as much as i agree that some aired material can be described as sexually provocative,u have to understand that gone are the days of vitimbi.Kenya is at a point of transformation where everyone is allowed to express themselves.If u dont agree with them,dont listen to them.Simple.



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