17 March, 2008

Hmong Tribe-Crimes Against Humanity!

The Hmong tribe of Southern Vietnam are increasingly catching the eye of international media and humanitarian organizations.Their story is saddening .The Laotian Vietnamese Government is guilty of forcing the members of these tribe to live in the dense jungle of Laos like animals or as refugees outside their Country.A recent exclusive video by Al Jazeera Correspondent Tony Birtley link here exposes the inhumane and dispeakable conditions the Hmong tribe have had to suffer for almost four decades since the American Vietnam wars of mid seventies.The Hmong fled Saigon after the US Army left Vietnam in the mid seventies.

The Government of the day has been persecuting members of the Hmong tribe(including young children,old men and women) as traitors for having assisted the CIA in the Vietnam wars.The atrocities have continued to date with no intervention or apparent concern from the international community.The Hmong tribe served the Americans fought for the Americans and died in the Hundreds for the Americans but after the Americans left they were left to fend for themselves.Many fled to the USA as refugees where they are scorned upon as unwanted immigrants.That notwithstanding as if to add insult to the injury, thousands were forcefully repatriated back to Laos from Thai Refugee camps under a USA funded and supported program.

The Hmong tribe are begging for intervention as their lives have lost meaning and purpose in the absence of freedom And the right to life.To see humans subjecting each other to such atrocities(to the extent that some have to live in fear and exposed to the elements like animals) and be constantly on the move is definately saddening and an affront to human dignity everywhere!


  1. You are absolutely right! There are International Communities that can one day have a public judgment for such crime of genocide, war crime, and crime against humanity toward the Hmong Indigenous People in Laos. Laos that directly genocide the Hmong, Vietnam that sprayed Defoliant Chemical to Hmong Territory and use telephone detectors to track Hmong Groups hiding in the jungle of Laos, Thailand that signed contracts to sent all Hmong Political asylum seekers back to Laos for further persecution and torture wil have to pay for the crimes that they had committed. Feel free to visit Hmong activists at www.whpc.info and our sponsor www.unpo.org


  2. I did watch the Al Jazeera report; it was harrowing! It's unbelieavable that in this age, with all the advances we have made, the World can allow such horrors to happen.

  3. Valuable resource of Hmong news summaries...



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