20 March, 2008

Harness the Power of Your Blog

I have said it before and i say it again blogging is serious business.The story of Japanese Blogger Mieko Kawakami on yahoo illustrates this here. She just won the precious Akutagawa award for writting.

Whats more is that in the U.S smart publishing firms are starting to target writers who have blogs as thes already have amarket audience.Hence it is important that if you blog you continue to write authoritative clear and copincise posts you may just catch the eye of an interested party.Its amazing that of the 113 million blogs that Techorati tracks, 37 % of the posts are in japanese.Now there is a ready market!

Her articles feature on Japanese daily life and more often are written in slang .According to the news story :
" More content in Japan is personal, and more content in the U.S. is media-like," he said.
Kawakami's readership has shot up from a handful of people when she started the blog in 2003, to about 10,000 a day, soaring to 200,000 on Jan. 16, the day she won the Akutagawa. She writes in frenzied, urgent prose that gurgles with furor."At first, the blog was the only place I had for my writing," she said, confident in her gaze, despite looking frail in a mini-dress. "You know how many people are accessing it, and so you know right away when you've written something that's drawing interest."She started the blog to draw attention to her music, but the early entries became her first book. Her third book won the Akutagawa.Despite her newly found fame, Kawakami — an admirer of American writers J.D. Salinger, Kurt Vonnegut and Jhumpa Lahiri — must still fight criticism from conservatives.Shintaro Ishihara, the right-leaning governor of Tokyo, who won the Akutagawa in 1955 and sits on the awards committee, has lashed out at Kawakami's selection."The egocentric, self-absorbed rambling of the work is unpleasant and intolerable," he wrote in the magazine Bungeishunju, which administers the Akutagawa.For the most part, however, Kawakami's voice is winning accolades for exploiting the drawling dialect of Osaka, the western city where she grew up, which is emerging as the hip language of modern-day Japan — the language of the standup comics and vernacular slang.

and heres another link showing what blogging means in the developed countries i hope local companies take a cue http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/pontin/21891/
So blog on blogger.

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