04 March, 2009

The Power of Public Speaking!

Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela are among iconic gentlemen who for one reason or the other have inspired many through their speech to pursue a certain course .On the other hand persons such as Adolf Hitler and Mussolini inspired many to pursue a course that resulted in the loss of life and suffering of many. The 2nd World War claimed over 50 million lives and that in itself demonstrates the power of Public Speaking and the need for ethical & professional speeches!

In modern day mastering the art of communicating especially through coherent and effective public speaking is a must have qualification inorder for one to get employed or remain employed. Consider the following scenario you are a management trainee at a reputable company and a senior job opportunity has jus arisen however you are required to give a detailed report before the board of Directors of the Company , this will be in the presence of of other management trainees also gunning for the same job.Undoubtedly this kind of situation can be intimidating if you lack the necessary public speaking skills.Same may happen in an informal occasion perhaps when you are called upon to give thank you speech, toast, etc

Hence developing the art of presenting speeches is something that all of us must master. Therea re a number of resources on the net that can aid you in this aspect. Today i direct you to just one
Occasional Words.Com
The site is marvelous and was created by a team of proffesional writers with more than 15 years of combined experience writing speeches for executives, academics, and government officials. Between them, the Occasional Words team has written literally hundreds of speeches for nearly every conceivable occasion -- from your boss' retirement party to your daughter's graduation celebration....apart from ready made sample speeches, the site has a turtorial that can make you conceive and deliver earth moving speeches.

Indeed You need not be afraid of Public Speaking All you need to do is master the art of public speaking and the internet resource i have just mentioned makes it much easier for you!And i would also recommend the book "The Art of Public Speaking" by Stephen E. Lucas( of the University of Wisconsin-Madison) now in its ninth edition and published by McGraw Hill


  1. Public speaking is easier said than done. Most people are getting nervous if they have to give a speech in front of audience, including me :D

  2. public speaking is a piece of cake for me, especially if i am prepared. on the other hand i would walk 20 flights of stairs becuz i am that uncomfortable in an elevator........

  3. I recently got a free report from the internet on public speaking. It looks pretty good.I put some of the tips into place and my confidence is well on the way to improving.



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