10 March, 2009

Nairobi University Students Protest Gangland Style Killing of Activists

The street protests called by Nairobi University students through the streets of nairobi have proved somewhat peaceful save for their closing state house road at the moment .The students from University of Nairobi and Egerton University called for the demonstrations to protest against the killing of a University of Nairobi student by riot police on Thursday- 5 March, 2009 evening following a protest on the gangland type of execution of two activists from Oscar Foundation, Mr Oscar Kamau King’ara and Mr Paul Oulu,who were killed on State House Road near the university hostels by unknown gunmen who were for the better part of the day trailling them!What is perhaps disturbing is that the Government spokesman in response to the event claimed that the two activists were funding the activities of a banned group!

According to Nation online the students official demonstration was peaceful .They first gathered at Nairobi University grounds, marched through Kenyatta Avenue, through Uhuru Highway and onto Uhuru Park where they were addressed by Student Leaders thereafter they were proceeding to Vigilance House to give the Police Commisioner their signed petition against the wanton killing. I believe had the police stopped them earlier on we would have massive riots in town as we speak, for now they are confined to the area around the students hostel which proves that there can be order in some of this things. It's the hooliganisms that really spoils everything!

Amnesty International has a press statement on the killing of the activits at their site:Heres the url link for the press release.

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  1. What does Odinga have to say about this? Bad as Zimbabwe is at the moment, I can not imagine like the gangland-style of execution of human rights activists taking place in broad daylight.

    Something like that just seems impossible in Zimbabwe.

    No, our human rights activists get arrested in broad daylight, or abducted in the early hours, to surface later charged with training people over weekends to topple Mugabe by force

  2. he issued a statement condemning the act and actually instructedthe Police to allow the demos which later turned out to be looting sprees

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