20 March, 2009

Zuqka Website versus Pulse Magazine

Hands down! in terms of content East Standards Pulse Magazine is better than Nation Media Groups Zuqka Magazine but the same is vice -versa when it comes to the online experience.Zuqka Magazine is just delightful online but i think more needs to be done about its content , appeal and the target group! Right here at our office everyone scrambles for the Pulse Magazine but not the same can be said of Zuqka, go online and you start to love Zuqka!

The Kenyan newspaper magazine circuit is starting to shape up and the battle is supreme! The Zuqka website has adopted an interactive edge by requiring users to register and ear points for their activities at the site! On the other hand Pulse online just basically engages the reader with its content but im sure that is bound to change! Newspapers must redifine themselves with the advent of social media and citizen journalism, even CNN has adopted IReport inorder not to loose out in the emerging reliance by consumers on e-news and social media. But when it comes to Kenya for the online experience ZUQKA is number one but for the content: Pulse anytime!

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  1. Pulse rocks. Friday is the only day there are several Standards floating around in the office. Other days it's just the usual 1 Nation and 1 Standard purchased by the office. Fridays guys buy their own standard.

    I've not yet warmed up to Zuqka but will check it out online.

    The I-report on CNN is a great idea for sure.

  2. Of course, Pulse would be better coz they definitely know their market due to their long presence here. ZuQka is just gropping in the dark plus the recycling of staff from other departments like radio to write, especially their sports columnist and Munene Nyagah, is really a great dis-service to the religious Friday nation readers like me.

  3. I guess when yo get used to reading the hard copy of Pulse it's hard to switch to the online one. As for zugka, I started with the online copy so definitely I prefer it online though I agree they need to style up when it comes to content.

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  5. Zuqka online- but ofcourse! It's a new refreshing taste, I like that I can access interesting blogs/articles from new writers... besides the kawaida folks.

    Well, nothing beats good old hard copy pulse, they have an advantage that should not be taken for granted!



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