19 March, 2009

Getting Rid of Bulging Tummies & Pot Bellies!

Now thats the kind of tummy that defiantely needs a Tummy Tuck!Some time back i did a post on Traffic Police in Kenya and Bribery and it was manifestly open that some of them develop pot bellies without due regard to their profession or health.But having a bulging tummy or Pot belly need not be the end of the matter!

Tummy tucks are surgeries that are done to remove excess subcutaneous fat,skin or cartillage in the body ! Interestingly i just learnt today that there are two types of surgeries in that regards i.e
  1. mini tummy tuck which basically involves an incision across the lower abdomen where excess fat and loose skin are removed.
  2. Full tummy tuck, a cut is made across the lower abdomen and another is made around the tummy button.
I just came accross this site MYA cosmetic in the UK. where expert and sound opinion on different cosmetic surgery procedures and products. Many people have travelled long distances inorder to access the professionalized medical services offered by the Mya Group!
What is interesting about the site is that you can actually call in for a free consultation!Im certain that many Kenyans of means would almost do anything to ensure that they look better especially the ladies.Stretch marks and pot bellies seem to be of uttermost concern for many ladies but... from the picture of the traffic cop i think men also need to consider doing something about their"public opinions"! and if they cannot do diets or exercise ..etc then cosmetic surgery is the only option. Visit the site and learn more about the procedures !

(this is my independent opinion for expert advice contact your physician )


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  2. I think I will stick to exercise to lose my tummy, the "procedures" are a bit too risky.

  3. How about the gun in the waistband, can we get rid of that too?



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