19 March, 2009

Edith Kimani wins KTN's Presenter Show

Edith Kimani a vibrant lively and talented 19 year old Kenyan International Relations student at USIU won the Kenya Television Network Reality Tv Presenter Show competition last week on Sunday! For her age i find her extremely talented and set to go places . She was voted by the Public to emerge winner among two other contestants James Karani and Gitoobu Koome. Interestingly Eastandard Group Deputy Chairman and Strategic adviser Paul Melley promised all the top three contestants"a role" in KTN in an off the cuff statement which almost rubbished the idea of having one ultimate 'the presenter.'

The show has generated alot of varied responses on the internet eg Mwanamishale's Post which i will not duplicate at this juncture however i would just critique...constructively the hosts YU mobile and KTN for a poor lacklustre grand finale. They really saved on the money! there was nothing fancy except for the hired limousine! The only person who made it worth it is Fareed Kimani, otherwise the other hosts didnt capture the mood or if the attempted to they ended up over doing it!

With regards to the presenters potential Edith Kimani will be burried under due to the talent already available among female Tv Presenters the likes of Janet Mbugua ,Lilian Muli , Esther Arunga etc within the same media house.James Karani who just recently did a stint at CNBC Kenya prior to the show has quite some talent but was little liked by the fans and fellow contestants at the presenter show but i found him to have been an added asset and stabilizing force for the contestants at the show due to his prior experience, confidence and determination. He certainly can still cut a niche for himself in Business News or anchoring news . For Koome he is the new face of Media and in my opinion should have clinched it save for some backward comments by probably a baby boomer generation Njoroge Mwaura !

(photos courtesy of the Presenter website)

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  1. I am so disappointed by kenya's reality shows. It seems like we just cant do it. When we are looking for one presenter, so let it be we dont need to know that everyone else will be in. It spoils the moment!!!!!!!!!!

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