04 September, 2009

Michael Jacksons Funeral & Burial

Pop Legend Michael Jackson has finally been laid to rest at Glendale Forest Lawn's Great Mausoleum in Los Angeles , 40 minutes ago in a private ceremony attended by some 200 guests. Michael Jackson funeral/burial service and interment began at 0300 GMT.

The family has kept the event low key by allowing only limited media coverage of the event which is a good thing. BBC News has a few photos of the event and a video coverage is in the offing.You can catch up n the video,photo links,story.. etc at this link.A great entertainer Michael Jackson has been laid to rest, his low key funeral is a good thing as now the family can be left to heal whereas us the living can take stock of what our life is like and what kind of legacy will we leave behind if we die. From dust to dust....

Michael Jacksons Funeral Link Video

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