16 September, 2009

Big Brother 4 Revolution Female Housemates

Well a wall separates the female contestants from the male housemates in the current edition of season 4 Big Brother Africa 2009.So who are the female contestants in the house in 2009?

First we have 27 year old Edna From Angola:

Two: Elizabeth from Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Three:Business Student Emma from Angola :

Four : Ogaland Nigeria is represented by two female contestants (i)Law Student Geraldine from , theres something about her that makes her look like Edna : and (ii) 23 year old Nkenna :

Next comes Jennifer from Mozambique:

From Mugabeland(Zimbabwe)is the attractive Kristal:

South Africa is represented by the 22 year old Music loving female housemate Liz :

Zambia has three female contestants in BBA Revolution (IV) - model Maggie :AND Palamo AND Renee described as entertainment at its absolute best:

Malawi is represented by Mzamo who describes herself as" Open Minded"

( all photos courtesy of Mnet Africa's BBA Website)

The contest begins.

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