11 September, 2009

9/11(September 11 2001)Memorial Quotes & Sayings

America seems to be in a rush today to get the most memorable quotes in relation to the Al qaeda engineered Terrorist attack on the Twin Towers that occurred on 11TH September, 2001.Various websites have cropped up claiming to be the official website for 9/11 memorial victims and survivors alike. Out of a tragedy has come a unity of purpose and ideas but the question still lingers...is there a lesson to be learned!

For myself watching the second plane ram into the World Trade Center caused jitters to my feet, for two days my attention was juxta fixed to CNN watching the rescue work at ground zero. The world as i knew it changed. On the 8 Anniversary of the 911 memorial my take on the issue would be in deed i find it very unnecessary for the USA to issue travel advisories indicating places such as Kenya as terrorist hot zones when in reality America that day became one of the unsafest territories on Earth.

For the victims and families continue to entertain the resurrection hope as enshrined in the Bible book of Acts 24 :15 "and I have hope toward God, which hope these [men] themselves also entertain, that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous" Now thats a memorable and meaningful quote for other 911 quotes there is this Wordpress blog quotes aggregator

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