22 September, 2009

Kenya Loosing its Elephants to Drought !

While Kenyan Politicians continue to argue/discuss on the Mau forest settlement issue Kenya is steadily loosing its elephant population to the drought that has hit the Country ! The National Geographic News website is carrying an article on the rapidly rising number of elephant deaths being experienced locally.It is reported that at least 38 dead elephants have been found in the area around the Laikipia highlands and Samburu National Reserve since January 2009.And its not only the elephants that are dying but Kenya's famed wild animals such as Lions, Giraffes, Wildebeests,crocodiles, Zebra's etc.

Our divinely given natural heritage is fast depleting . This being largely attributable to human degradation of the environment.Much of the blame can be apportioned to illegal and uncontrolled logging of trees ,settlement in forests and industrial pollution that has resulted in global warming.Yet even well informed individuals and authorities continue to trivialize the matter and or take their sweet time on the issue as if nature will wait for us to make a decision.

The truth is nature has a harsh way of disciplining those who infringe on its laws such as gravity, if you step out of tall building without a chute the possibility of you surviving is myopic same goes to messing with the environment. God created it for us to conserve and take care of it and not to destroy it. The bible is pretty clear on the issue showing that Our Creator has set a specific time-'an appointed time' to respond to those"ruining the earth"(Revelation 11: 18)and mind us it will not be eviction but ruination on the part of those infringing Gods requirements no matter the social status, colour, background, race or creed! The time to take responsibility for our actions individually and collectively is now!

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