24 September, 2009

Australian East Coast Skyline Colored Red

Australian Skylines were yesterday colored glowing orange/red due to massive dust storms leading to closure of many public places and commuter services. Many peered to look at the Armageddon like skyline in much astonishment. The reality though is that the Australian skyline was that color due to human pollution. The Guardian online has an interesting article to which i will highlight some excerpts i.e:

Storms of red dust have produced a glowing orange sky over much of Australia's east coast as the country experiences freak weather conditions.

The Sydney Opera House turned orange, flights at Sydney and Brisbane airports were delayed, building sites shut down, workers choked and emergency departments were flooded with calls in the worst dust storm to hit Australia in 70 years.

On Sydney harbour, the thick red air cut visibility to less than 100 metres and shrouded the city's iconic bridge in a ghostly hue. One commuter, forced to catch the bus to the city because ferries were cancelled, took the opportunity to photograph the Armageddon-like scene.

That must have been simply amazing! Its time we we woke up and started taking responsibility for our action otherwise time is not on mankind's side and this is true the World over!


  1. I agree with you, we are destroying the world our kids have to live in!
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