16 September, 2009

Dealing with Bedbug Infestation

Ahadi Trust -a Kenyan NGO has been valiant in its efforts to eradicate Jiggers and to treat Jigger infested victims in various parts of the Country with a measure of success . The thing is Jiggers are openly manifest and whether one has it or not, its not very easy to hide problem!However there is another problem that many Kenyans have and few are yet to admit and or talk about it- Bedbugs. The worst thing about bedbugs is that if a bed is infested and you as a visitor sleep on it, those mites /bugs are going to feast on you with dire consequences whereas the owner will not even notice them. That being the dilemna its necessary that if you have a bedbug problem you read this free online resource: how to get rid of bedbugs. The information from the website may just save you an embarrassment.


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  2. Getting rid of bed bug is very hard. Because, it require lots of time, money, and expertise. Thanks for sharing this link http://www.bedbugsguide.com/. It is really useful for controlling bedbugs.

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  3. Bedbug infestation has become a common phenomena all over the world, because people are traveling more than previous. Bedbugs crawl into their luggage and travel all over the world. Some preventive care can protect us form those tinny devils. But, prevention is not all. Any good product like sterifab can do a great job.



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