10 August, 2009

Yahoo Email Slows Browser?

At first i thought its my Pentium 4 computer's memory that had a problem so i added a further 1GB RAM memory .But still my Mozilla firefox version 3.5.2 browser seems to hang considerably if i open yahoo mail in one tab. The rich text media seems to take a whole lot of time before the Yahoo E mail page in-box loads.Could it be that the new yahoo email page interface just takes more than necessary bandwidth? Perhaps its the presence of too much java script/dynamic ads? I.T gurus whats your take on it?

Well i have been on yahoo for the last 11 years ... i am definitely an old timer. But when it comes to a service that allows you to send or retrieve mail and or attachments faster i would recommend Google's gmail. Yahoo has the best mail organizations option , latest news update widget ..etc but when it comes to loading i am dismayed. Well it could be my internet service provider but still i have come to note other sites load faster! And this has been the case now for the last three month or so!

So has yahoo mail been configured in such a way that it slows down browsers? Im yet to find out , with your input i will be able to know whats the hitch!


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  3. Hi Junaid i am at your blog as we speak, thanks



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