15 August, 2009

Bomb Blast At Afghan Capital Kabul Near Nato Military Base

CNN is running an update on a suicide car bomb that has exploded outside the Nato Military Base in Afghanistan Kabul this morning leaving scores injured and a number of military personnel dead!Coming on 15th August, 2009 Kenyans are vividly reminded of the 1998 August 7th Bombing of the United States embassy in Nairobi. This is a stark reminder that we are living in perilous times hard to deal with as espoused accurately in 1Timothy 3:1, but the question always remains what can we do about it?As Humans do we have any hope?The answer is really simple and i will feature it in another post on this blog!

However it must be said that human morality and value for life has severely diminished. For a terrorist to strap himself with bombs and with full knowledge to drive to military or civilian populated area with full; religious conviction that he is doing what God requires of him and kill himself and others is abominable. The Kabul explosion which has left a mushrooming crowd was intended for the American embassy(SEE sky news item) but was not delivered because of a barrier.

Without doubt the perpetrators have too much hatred in their heart and are hypocritical as they claim to serve God but while in reality they serve their own destructive gods!Perhaps this is a stark reminder to Americans that wickedness will not be stemmed by charismatic leadership,change of regimes or overtures! There are bad people out there hell bent on causing destruction.Today's terrorist attack in Kabul just goes to add to the fear of many humans who despite seeing advances in technology,science,medicine and communication see humans behave in a brutish , animalistic manner!

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