27 August, 2009

in Kenya 2009 National Census Data

I was finaly counted yesterday in the 2009 Kenya National Census exercise that begun on Monday 24 July, 2009 at 6.00 p.m and set to continue till the end of this month. However the enumerator did not find me at home but had to rely on the erroneous data supplied by my house help.

The credibility of the census data will be in question especially as the Government enumerators were unable to take advantage of Tuesday 25th August, 2009 which was a public holiday intended for that purpose. I still know many of my colleagues who are yet to be counted and have now resumed normal working hours:dask to dawn.So is the Kenya National Census 2009 going to be a success? Hardly and what is that question about tribe coming so shortly after 2008 post election violence that was based on ethnicity? very suspect! We never seem to learn our lessons .In Rwanda they removed the tribe section from Identification cards following the Rwanda Genocide as such data can do more harm than good in a highly polarised society(you can see the Mau Forest issue and the tribal aspect it has taken).

It would have been better for the safety and stability of the Republic to totally omit that section under the principle of abundant countenalle"extreme caution" since in the wrong hands such data can prove dangerous!


  1. How erroneous was the data from your house help? Maybe you need to track down that enumerator, if that info fell into the wrong hands, your safety and stability...

  2. Thanks, interesting, thanks for sharing the experience.

  3. How can you say is it dangerous??

  4. i do not think that i was counted because apparently they do not count citizens that are out of the country even temporarily. they should fix this little problem because it increases inaccuracy




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