04 August, 2009

Hillary Clinton Arrives In Kenya

The USA's top most diplomat and Secretary of State former US first Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is today expected to arrive in Kenya for a ten day visit(August 4-14) that will see her visit seven African Nations. Her visit has 'important diplomatic connotations' indicating that while US President Barrack Obama for political or other reasons chose not to visit Kenya in his recent African tour that took him to Ghana but he still harbors important ties to the Country of his fathers birth and holds it in special regard.

Interestingly the Washington Examiner is carrying a satirical article indicating that Obama today marked his 47th birthday with a "retroactive declaration of Kenya's statehood".The latter being a comment ment to be funny but not so funny after all!USA President Barrack Obama was born on August 4, 1961. The USA secretary of State 's visit has practically brought traffic jam to the city centre to an all time high as security has been beefed up with paramilitary police deployed to Mann the Intercontinental Hotel where she is set to lounge. Infact the road adjacent to the hotel leading to Parliament has been closed to the public resulting in massive traffic jams. How Kenya holds mere mortals in such high regard.

Without doubt she is expected to lump pressure on Kenya's two principal leaders by open, straight forward and candid statements to effect constitutional and other institutional reforms and for them to initiate justiceable solutions for last years post election fiasco.Pundits will scrutinize each of her statements closely to decipher her message from the Obama administration.Typically Swiss Hotels

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