05 August, 2009

Paula Abdul Quits American Idol Via Twitter!

Twitter has become a powerful news source by many celebrities to personally break confidential information to the outside world. The latest instance is this tweet from Paula Abdul's Twitter page informing the World that she will not be judging in the next season of American Idol. That just goes to show how powerful twitter has become as a source of information.I wonder how many prominent Kenyan personalities have a twitter page? I guess almost nil...many people(Businesses and corporates included) around here hardly know anything about twitter nor social media marketing whereas they can even make money from the same. see SPONTWTS .Too sad ..they should come for lessons.

Here' s Paula Abduls Twitter page screen shot:


  1. She would be return in ninth season... its good

  2. Maybe this is why Twitter crashed!

  3. I don't think I will watch American Idol any more, without Paula.

    As for Twitter - there is good and bad. I am sure you heard about how some one in Eastern Europe brought it to a grinding halt this past week. It amazes me that group of people can have so much control over a social networking media.




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