19 August, 2009

Linet Masai Wins Berlin 10,000 Meter Race

As football is to Brazil so is Long Distance Athletics running events to the Kenyan runners! Linet Chepkwemoi Masai of Kenya won the women's 10,000 meters Gold Medal at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin on Saturday 15th August 2009 effectively ending Ethiopia's decade long domination of that race. Linet Masai definately made Kenya proud leaving (photo of Linet Masai crossing finishing line)many to wonder what just makes these young Kalenjin runners bag so many medals time and again. A favourite to win the race was the dreaded Ethiopia's Olympic medalist Tirunesh Dibaba who but due to an injury did not participate in the race. Would the result have been different? Thats the million dollar question but the Kenyan team is set to win more races before the end of the Berlin IAAF events on 23rd August 2009!


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