10 September, 2007

Kenyan Clergy & Politics:An interdict!

On Saturday the 8th of September, 2007 members of clergy from different denominations met together for the purpose of praying for peace during the forth coming elections.We might say that was indeed noble of them and chasticize those who failed to attend.

But on the strength of Gods word consider the following:
  1. 2 Cor 6:14-18, in light of the difference in faith is it possible for those who share different faiths,pray to different gods in one breathe and vain obtain the Almighty's backing?hardly atleast not in light of this scripture.1 cor 10:18-22 chasticizes such kind of behaviour as not all the faiths are drinking from the same cup.
  2. It is no lie that time and again the pulpit has been used to forment violence, fundamentalism, hatred,apathy for members of other race and denominations, will one act of coming together on the premise of national day of prayer cover up over such issues : Isaiah 1:15 answers that.
  3. Majority of the prayers on that day are repetitious,mechanical,type written thought and insincere, Jesus answers them on that regard in Mathew 6:7 &8.A meaningful prayer emanates from the heart and the venue is not necessarily the issue but an environment where one can have maximum ,undisturbed and undettered communication with the Creator is what counts.Christ even recommends a closed room rather than hypocritical public prayers.

After the prayer sessions the clergy had an opportunity to lunch and dine with the head of state, nothing is really wrong with that except the comment by one clergy man that you cannot separate the Kingdom of God from kingships of this world,what a fallacy against Christs command in John17:6 that his followers are no part of this world including its political empireship and that"his kingdom is no part of this world" in John 18:36, futhermore in Dan2:44 this Kingdom will put an end to worldly rulerships.We pray for Gods kingdom to come and put an end to where human rulerships have failed.It is ironical to place our trust again to them remember "It is when they are saying peace! peace! that sudden destruction is to come upon them(1 thess 5:3)

Nairobians Caveat emptor!Politics and Religion are strange bedfellows.Its like mixing water and wine!

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