24 September, 2007

Electoral Violence in Kenya-Year 2007

It is indeed sad to see that Kenyans under instigation of misguided leadership have begun to fight each other in the runner up to election 2007.Of concern is that those who are exploited in these regard and put in harms way are mere peasants,the lowly and the poor for such a small price.

Those funding such acts of atrocities often claim to be religious and whenever they attend their religious meetings are given the most prominent seats.What a fallacy and height of hypocrisy both by the masses of christendom and the political leaders.

For the lowly,please do not be a victim of the selfish, power hungry politicians who are out to fend for their own economic interests.Violence is and should be condemned at all levels of society!Throwing stones,arrows,pangas,knives etc at political opponents will achieve no gain at all but bring to the fore hearts full of wickedness,hate,murder,strife ,violence etc.Any God fearing person should vehemently deplore perpertrators,promoters and planners of such acts!LET US SEEK PEACE AND PURSUE IT!

Remember each one shall soon render an account for all his activities before the Almighty no matter their stature in society in this present system of things!

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  1. ...hapo umenena.....it's so sad that its the poor that these politicians go to first when they want to do something.



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