05 September, 2007

Bei ya Kupata Stima imepunguka

Kulingana na waziri wa Kawi,bei ya kupata stima itapungua kwa asili mia hamsini.In essence it will now cost half the usual amount to get power connection in Kenya.The minister for Energy Mr Kiraitu Murungi announced yesterday that those desiring power connection will have an option to pay the reduced standing charge in instalments!This is aready and welcoming development though i have a bone to pick with the current leadership at the statutory body charged with power supply.

My folks live at Merisho, Ongata Rongai in a farm they bought in year 2000.Suprisingly the residents of that area had paid for power connection as agroup in the year 1989,yet until date majority have not yet had power connection.For people living less than 26 kilometres from the city centre to be without power is absurd.

Kenya Power the ball is in your court.Prove yourselves worthy!

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