12 September, 2007

A Kenyan Blog Carnival !

Blogs are powerful tools for communicating on almost all aspects of life.
More and more Africans are joining up the intenet bandwagon to blog on areas
that concern their daily lives from politics,to social affairs,hobbies, interests etc.
While this is laudable much more must be done to capture the diversity that permeates the
African diaspora.

While more and more africans continue to embrace the use of the internet,emphasis
needs to be placed on encouraging people to blog on their social issues and
topics of utmost concern to the African people.I would sincerely appreciate
more blogs focusing on the demerits and evils being perpetuated by outlandish
cultural practises such as female genital mutilation as practised among various
Kenyan Indigenous communities such as the Ameru, Abagusii, Somali,Rendile etc.
It would also be much appreciated if we can have more and more blogs detailing the
perpetrators of ethnic animosity, political hatred or sharing information and intelligence
on such heinous deeds.

Certainly im yet to read on a blog espousing the benefits of traditional medicine, food etc of the Kenyan people.Perhaps i am naive on this issue but even a perusal of the posts on the Kenyan Webring or using search engines specifically for blogs onsuch issues yields not much results.

Itis estimated that there are 10 million bloggers earthwide with more joining each second as it counts.This is indeed alot of web space that we need to scramble for and partition.Ironically when the colonialists came to Africa, they did not hesitate to grab and partition to themselves our land.We now have an opportunity to maximise on the 'land' that the internet has created so that weare not left behind in this modern phenomena.
Coming closer back home to Nairobi,Kenya one can state with certainty that
we are yet to embrace the potential benefits that blogging can generate to businesses, organisations,political parties,banks et cetera.We have few pundits willing to comment on issues that the mainstream media views against their 'strategic interests'.This in itself curtails many rights and freedoms tht should be embraced.It is with such background that i propose the development not only of a webring but a blog carnival for the Kenyan people.

A blog carnival is basically a post with links narrowed down to a particular topic, such as fashion, traditional food, cars, herbs,politics etc.I would love to post articles on river wood, Gikomba market,Kiondo Basket, Jua Kali Industry, Need for toilets in South Nyanza,Poverty eradication in Kenya, Youth employment .With a blog carnival people basically post blogs on a specific topicthat has been highlighted by the carnival.The net effect is that the different bloggers with a shared interest then get to raed each others items,share ideas, etc.The main purpose for blogging is for ones blogs to be read;to generate aiudience and thus use of blog carnivals should be embraced especially in Kenya.

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