22 September, 2007

Kenya Traffic Police and Bribery-ouch!!!

I happened to chance upon an email post with the following caption(no pun intended) .While i sympathise with their meagre earnings however something needs to be done to curtail this inappropriate fiasco and chain of bribery!

The payslip of a sample traffic cop was stated as follows:

Basic Salary 15,000
Hse allowance 0
Gross salary 15, 0000
Magereza SACCO 3000.00
NHIF 320.00
NSSF 200.00
PAYE 2740.00
Loan repayment 3260.00
KCB LOAN 2250.00
Total Deductions 11770.00
Net Pay 3230.00

That notwithstanding! the fella can still afford to look as he does!

This is a problem that definately needs a solution.After mulling around the Chief Magistrates Court at Kibera for half a day on thursday waiting for a clients matter to be heard on a minor traffic offense.I propose that the attempt to introduce on spot traffic fines with official receipts be speedily adopted. Many Nairobians do prefer to part with"kitu Kidogo!(read bribe) rather than be taken to Court and waste a whole day and even admit a non existent offence just to save on future attendance to court,waste of time, etc.

The nuisance value is just too much. Fellow Nairobians let us clamor for the change of this archaic mediaval practices that only fends to feed some few stomachs.Our judicial system especially with regards to traffic offences needs an urgent overhaul! Dont you agree?

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