28 September, 2007

Coca Cola Vj Search

Congrats ! to the three East African Coca Cola ,Mtv Vj(video jockey) Search finalist and winners;to wit Emukule Ekirapa(Kenya),Carolyne Mugasha(Uganda) &Venessa Mdee(Tanzania).

Emukule Ekirapa

Special congrats especially to Emukule since he represents the male voice amongst these top notch presenters who are bound now to join up with other new african elitist presenters in hosting the MTV -Coca Cola Chart xpress which will be broadcasted in Africa via DSTV &GTV and to the rest of the world through MTV.It wasnt an easy feat but they made it and we hope that they ill give an african face to it and not simply ape their counterparts in Mtv America,U.K,Europe etc.

I especially say so to the Kenyan Vj Emukule a former Michigan State University class (2004)valedictorian and model with Surazuri Modeling and cast agency who has an american tweng,walk,talk character to it.As you can currently see in the world entertainment scene what is genuinely unique is selling as is the case of Akon, 2face Idibia,etc.Be proud of your heritage n stick to it.It helps alot in the long run.As for Sheila Rabala a kenyan runners up,Cheer up-the sky is the limit going through the whole selection process was a refinement and will certainly open opportunities for you if you keep up your efforts.

For now we will be glued to the screens as the African continent show cases its rich musical talent and rich diversity to the world.MTV here they come!
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  1. hi guyz at mtv!!would like to pat emukule at the back and congragulate him wholeheartedly, and tell him that he should put himself in kenyan's entertainment shoe's and as a whole elevate africa to another level!
    represent as as if he were representin a personal course in his life,adawise from nairobi we say well done emukule and live long.......EMUKULE we love u and would love to wish u the best in all your endevours in life!!!!!!!!

  2. We are definately proud of our own,i believe Kenya has alot of untapped young talent that needs to rise to the top of the pot and not scum,here at A Nairobians Perspective! we will continue to recognise and promote local talent...all the best Emukule!!!



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