26 September, 2007

Daily Metro:Nation Media Group Latest Addition

The Daily metro has joined the ranks of Nairobi Star as medium sized full colour newspaper.The paper will hit the streets this Wednesday the 26th of September, 2007.

According to nation media groups General Manager for Marketing and Publishing Miss Neema Wamai the newspaper seeks to target the low income earners and youth.It will retail at Kenya Shillings 20 which is affordable for most of the populace as compared to the other newspaper dailies such as Daily Nation, The East African Standard,Nairobi Star etc.

The Daily Metro has been modelled after the daily advertiser but will feature more editorial news.The debut of the Daily Metro will definately eat into the niche that the Nairobi star had started to carve for its self especially since it is cheaper.

We readily welcome more players in the market and more products as this increases the level of objectivity in reporting, improvement in content and definately a more wide array of choice for the consumer!

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