29 January, 2009

TV Resource Search Engine !

Its quite interesting and suprising the kind of websites you can find online! Google made a killing with its google search engine and nowadays its possible to get your own customized search engine from various sites.

However what has struck me and i just came to know about it is this website called My TV Options at : www.mytvoptions.com .It is a legitimate search engine that enables you to find credible DirectTv providers by State or Region(service available only in the USA).Through the service you are able to know which tv channels/service providers etc are available according to your location and on which particular channel (whether analog or digital or satellite).

Often when surfing the web you will come accross sites that promise "Unlimited Movie Access, 1000 High Definition Stations"..."Unlimited Movies On Demand"..."The Best Sports Anywhere"... when in reality their packages require upgrades, pay-per-view service or contain hidden costs.Often one can even be subject to credit card fraud. My Tv Options can save you the hustle and enable you get credible providers for direct tv or satellite tv.An advantage of the service is that if you visit the website you may just get an opportunity to receive free shipping if you subscribe to DirectTV satellite television which offers over 150 HD tv channels and 3 months of free movies

My Tv Options website is customized to help you find credible TV providers according to regions .Further the regional web page aggregates the latest news, weather and events for your specific state. You can also compare prices and the ratings for the various directtv providers, local channels, DVR like Tivo ,movie channels... etc in your current State. Ron the webmaster of my tv options just saved you the hustle of trying to find out which television programming provider you should sign up with!Ain't that nice? (post brought to you by mytv options)

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  1. The great advantage of Dish TV is that you can pause, record and play TV again! Direct Video Recording (DVR) technology allows you to do that. You can record live TV for long lengths of time. You can record back to back movies, your favorite matches and also your favorite shows. You need not schedule your day according to the TV anymore.

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