05 January, 2009

Globalpost Website Launch -January 12, 2009

Its a new year and obviously we all expect new things ! Here at 'a Nairobians Perspective' i wish all my readers prosperous times and will keep you informed with my opinions and analysis on current affairs and blogging tips.After a brief holiday hiatus iam now back to blogging as normal and would like to share interesting news about a new website; an international news aggregator that is about to take the blogosphere by storm:Global Post .

So what is the Mission of Glopal Post, according to the website"

At GlobalPost, we are transforming the coverage of international news in the digital age.We will be the first fully web-based news organization to provide daily coverage of international news. To satisfy a growing need for independent, reliable, insightful and up-to-the-minute coverage and analysis of news in every region of the world, GlobalPost is building a stellar team of 70 correspondents in 53 countries.We launch January 12, 2009.GlobalPost will be the center of a worldwide community of internet viewers who want to know how political, economic, technological and social trends over the world connect with their lives, their interests, their investments and their hopes for a better future.

Many mainstream newspapers, magazines and television networks have retreated dramatically from covering international news as globalization has fueled a desire to know more about the world beyond U.S. borders. GlobalPost's passion for international reporting will inform and enlighten the world around us. We will offer written daily dispatches from more than 70 countries as well as discussions and in-depth multimedia reports by an all-star team of some of the top foreign correspondents in the news business.

Global post will certainly go places especially seeing that the founder members are already established ,experienced and well known personalities within the media fraternity!And the good news is that i have been contacted to be their Kenyan Correspondent.I hope it will be an enlightening experience!


  1. Happy new year Nairobian! Lucky you you're able to bounce back so soon after the hiatus. I'm still reeling from the festival hang overs. At the moment I'm approaching blogosphere from other blogs before I can get my mind back to writing fully again.

    I also got an invite to Global Post. I've a feeling it's a good place to be so let's blog on.

  2. Thats good news and thanks for wishing me well ! Yap i had a 'raundi mwenda" tu! went to Kisumu, Bondo,Mumias, Eldoret, Lake Bogoria n back , was quite a tour still reeling for me, but i have to blog cause this is the year of change!



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