24 January, 2009

Satellite tv Packages

Satellite tv has increasingly become popular in Africa but unlike the European and American Market we are not so spoilt for choice!In Kenya pay/satellite tv is dominated by GTV and Mnet-Multichoice DSTV.We certainly wish we had services such as those being provided by DIRECTSAT TV . Directsat Tv is an entertainment package and satelite TV deals available for American consumers and is unrivalled in the choice of entertainment options it offers.Direct TV is in partnership with blogtelevision.net in a venture set to ensure that viewers enjoy the most of of available Direct Satelite TV entertainment available.Their package offers the best of DirecTV Deals and DirecTV Specials.

Ican vouch for the service because i know someone who has subscribed to it and often sends me the latest TV series as aired on HBO. But Direct Satellite Tv Deals has more to offer apart from satellite tv, movies, sports and entertainment but also internet services.

Directv offers not only TV programing but also broadband services in conjunction withHughes Net.Interestingly their home broadband package promises delivery of speeds upto 10 megabytes per second with 5 email accounts and 24/7 tech support is priced at US $59 .99 equivalent to Kshs 4,619.23 while Safaricom here in Kenya offers this service based on internet bundles the cheapest being the current offer of Internet is at a data bundle of 300 mb at Kshs 5,999 per month.What a rip of!

Anyway i will not pick that up for now but for the American Viewers Directtv offers the best program package options in
  • Sports Programming: it features NFL Sunday Ticket, Sentata Sports ,ESPN Game plan amongst others
  • Direct TV Movies: including the following channels: HBO, SHOWTIME, The movie Channel, Cinemax,Sundance channel etc
  • Local Channels
No wonder most people just love it...(hope they expand this sides after all the World is a digital village at the moment) and the statement on the website says it all

You can access DirectSAT TV website at http://www.directsattv.com/directv/


  1. This debate between dish network and DirecTV is one which many consumers battle over. When they decide to switch from cable TV services to satellite TV services, they are torn between these two giant of the dish TV world. Both are extremely popular among TV enthusiasts. To compare them you will have to take some factors into consideration. The point to be kept in mind is that two have their own strengths and weaknesses. It depends on your preferences and tastes as to what you want to choose.



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