19 January, 2009

Microsoft Game Stores

Some time back , i remember coming across an article of a young Kenyan who was actually writing up computer games and i found that to be impressive ! It demonstrated that many of our youngsters are starting to think outside the box! Its not enough to just play computer games but it an be quite meaningful if one is able to write a video game that may have a local appeal! That aside its actually nice to know that you can purchase a myriad of microsoft products online now from a Microsoft store including new games and patch ups!

Microsoft Store

interestingly today i got one of those affiliate emails detailing me on the Microsoft online purchase stores which offer over 300 Microsoft consumer products for sale and in the near future will offer a full selection of Microsoft products. The flagship products scheduled to be included in the Microsoft Stores will include the following:
  • Vista software (both boxed and downloadable versions)
  • Office software (boxed and downloadable)
  • Xbox consoles, accessories and games
  • PC hardware such as keyboards and mice
  • PC games
  • Zunes
  • Other MS software products such as Expression, Visual Studio a
the Microsoft stores aim to capitalize on the online market and it would be indeed useful for many internationals since all you need is an internet connection to be able to purchase Microsoft products from a genuineMicrosoft Store microsoft store!

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store


  1. wow!! I'm a big time gamer! Would love to know the site's link!

  2. just click on the images they are links to the site



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