22 January, 2009

Bringing Fashion & Style to the White House:Michelle Obama

She is totally iconic with the flare and style reminescent of Luo Ladies in Kenya.She is Michelle Obama.... and you ought to recognize style has arrived back at the white house! ....but this time unique style!She has already met vanityfairs best dressed lady list and its for good cause. Her several dresses are simply inspiring,well chosen,well matched and like a typical African American Lady she is ensuring Barack , Sasha and Malia are well dressed as fit to their current stature!

She is the talk of the celebrity fashion world and fashion moghuls the moment. Huffington post website yesterday was abuzz with posts and pictures on her dressing at the several inagural balls she attended yesterday after her husband was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America .She wore Isabel Toledo designer dress and a stunning Jason woo dress in the evening dinner dance.

Her favourite designers include:Matthew Williamson, John Galliano, Valentino and Hussein Chalayan, and oh she really loves shoes......fashion designers who want to make a killing just give her a dress for a gift and she will sell it with her stately figure!Like they say in dholuo the native language of Barack Obama's father "Michelle Biro -yao neo" translated 'Michelle has come watch out!'

Are you Afraid of Public Speaking?


  1. At last a departure from cold stiff suits! I'm loving the first dress especially.

    Her girls are also always so well dressed.

  2. hey nice work..

    check dis out..on michelle obama's style statement




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