12 January, 2009

Kenya Unlimited Website Down!

One of Kenya's most popular blog aggregator-Kenyaunlimited has been down for the last three days thereby limiting thousands of people interested in local news & information from alternative/citizen media.I have emailed the webmaster to find out whats up and hope that this is the long awaited revamping of that site and no more than that!It is important for us to have an aggreagator linking and aggregating the latest posts from the Kenyan blogosphere..such a platform is an invaluable aid for the transmission and branding of information pertaining to Kenyan News ,tourism, technology, cuisine etc.

For the moment an aggregator like Mashada only lists information from 56 feeds(websites) making it an underdog and less popular because most bloggers would like to gain exposure for their posts.Getting your blog included in Mashada's linkroll is often quite difficult if not impossible resulting in the wesite having limited information.Due to this most people log into KenyaUnlimited to find out the latest news in the Kenyan blogosphere! Unfortuantely they have had to do without it for the short period .In the process some of now have come to appreciate more fully the useful role of Kenya Unlimited website, otherwise one has to depend on their linklist or traditional media to know wassup in Kenya.Sad ain't it not?

UPDATE: Iam duly informed that the aggregator feed is live @ http://kenyaunlimited.com/feed.php Thanks Daudi


  1. The KenyaUnlimited Aggregator is still up and running. Check it out here.

    KUL should be up this week

  2. Honestly, I have never accessed this Kenya Unlimited thing! It never works on my end.

  3. Kenyaunlimited seized working and the only thing you will find on the home page is "hello world' an alternative blog aggregator for kenyan content and blogs specific to africa is http://www.gotoblogs.com - its new, it works



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