17 December, 2009

The Biggest 'Loser' Reality Tv Show

If there is a reality tv series show that i view beneficial and worth watching with a clean conscience then that show is " The Biggest Loser Show" .The UK version of the reality tv series is normally screened locally(Kenya) on Sunday at around 6 :00 p.m on the new South African based  E-TV network .The Biggest Loser Reality Tv Show has seen several editions aired in at least 15 countries.

The plot around the Biggest Loser Reality TV show is that 12 overweight contestants sequestered in a private mansion compete to see who is going to loose the most weight through dieting and rigorous exercises  .The contestants are divided into two or more teams and each week the teams are weighed in. The team that has lost the least amount of weight has to nominate one member for eviction from the house.

Interestingly the Biggest Looser show first aired in America in NBC year 2004  and is currently in its 8th Season with Season 9 scheduled to premier on January 5, 2010.The show has featured couples, families and individuals and  without doubt proved interesting.

In Africa the show first aired in South Africa on January 7, 2008 to April 14, 2008 and featured local participants .For now i cant wait for the next episode of the program !


  1. Yes, a good show though I have only watched on and off. Do you know whether they track the progress of the Losers after they lose the weight to make sure they keep it off for over a year? Because that seems to be the biggest challenge for folks.

    Have a Merry Christmas, one filled with joy and laughter!

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