10 December, 2009

Kenya Public Vehicles "Matatu" Strike!

Yesterday's boycott by public transport operators(matatus) perhaps should signal to the Kenyan Government the  urgent need for them to develop a public transport policy and network that should be independent from private operators and serve as an alternative to the thousands of workers in various sectors of the economy who mainly depend on public transport to reach their designated work places.The man hours , economic opportunity costs and losses experienced yesterday  should not occur in a Country that is seriously determined to become developed by 2030.

I have always proposed that we build subways and metro stations inoder to use speed trains to ensure that we have less cars on the road .The more cars we have the more we shall experience environmental degradation and emmision of green house destructive gases. It is also more costlier.

Instead of just building more roads we should invest in the railway infrastructure to ensure Kenyans travel with much ease, comfort and certainty. Mobility of labour is a good economic investment. The matatus have a reason to strike seeing that they are often cash cows for the money hungry traffic police. Less traffic on the road will effectively mean less corruption but again among the Kenyan ruling elite...who wants that. Its just so sad we take for granted certain things.At the same time Kenya's workforce should not be held hostage to private entrepreneurs without the option of an alternative. Capitalism has its gross failures as illustrated in yesterdays Kenyan Matatu's strike!

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  1. Hope some good comes out of it because folks depend on matatus to get to and from work speedily.



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