01 August, 2008

Extreme Blog Makeover at Izeafest

Does your blog need an extreme makeover!are you still on the traditional pyra labs-blogger themes of the late 1990's or some old wordpress template and feel its time to shape up your blog with the latest designer templates yet you have no iota bit of knowledge of html, xml ,css and other programing languages out there !Need no worry our friends at IZEA Fest have decided to hold an extreme makeover contest!The 3 Winners will their blogs re- designed by re knowned blog experts Matt Blancarte, Scott Allen and Christopher Schmitt, ONLY CATCH ,you must be attending and be registered for the IZEAFEST conference in Orlando ,Florida from 11 to 13 th September, 2008

Personally im playing around with some tempaltes so as to upgrade this blog, one thing i have come to notice that some of the new blogger templates out there are actually SEO optimized and help improve one's Google ranking.I recently came acrross a scroll over blogspot website with a lot of javascript(payperpost, Social sparks and other sponsored programes) but only to be shocked that it had a pagerank of 6 and had only been in existence for five months.Apart from that my content beats it thumbs down, thats why i loathe google's algorithm, it doesnt lay down a level playing field.After i pulled down payperpost and other javascript adverts from my blog, this website has now a pagerank of zero !despite the readership and authoritative backlinks! So i am forced to soon discard this misty look template for a more optimized blog template that i will have generated, perhaps sometime i can award my faithful readers free optimized blogger templates!Its just so interesting the things i have learned through blogging!300x100


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  2. Friendship Day request :

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  3. Thanks once again for the info. My blog for one needs emergency extreme makeover. I'm working on it. Expect a question here and there.



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