20 August, 2008

China Olympic Medals Standing !!!

Are you wondering why China seems to be winning all the medals in indoor sports and Gymnastics at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics? wonder no more!So far they are leading in the medals table with 45 Gold Medals,14 silver medals and 20 bronze medals totaling to 79 medals .China is closely followed by America which has 26 Gold Medals,26 Silver and 27 bronze medals.Kenya is at rank 19 with 2 Gold Medals ,4 Silvers and 2 Bronze medals(thanks to Brimin Kipruto and Pamela Jelimo who won the 800m final,Eunice Jepkorir,Janeth Jepkorir Busienei Asbel Kipruto Kiprop and Catherine Ndereba managed to win silver medals in the athletic team, we appreciate their galant efforts)!I bet its time we changed our training tactics but for the better though not child exploitation!

From the photos it is apparent why China wins those contests(no pun intended) I pity the young ones(Chinese Children)....must be so painful...OUCH!!!!!Talk of going for gold


  1. We thought over here in Canada that we'd never win a medal in the Olympics, but finally our guys came to life, lol.
    We do much better at winter sports, e.g. hockey.

  2. China really rocks.. Hats off to them... Its lucky to born in a country like that, especially for sportsman i am telling....

  3. Nairobian I love these kidos! Tough little cookies. I once watched a documentary of their training and here one would think it's harrowing but it's so deeply embedded in their culture and many of them end up making a living twisting themselves into knots. To do that they have to start real young. In the end they're grateful they did it.

    To some good extent all the practicing and practicing keeps them out of trouble too.

  4. Lakini enyewe that third picture........ the kid is folded in half and then an adult weight to keep him down!

  5. "Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration" That is precisely what is needed in getting Olympic gold. There is no way for a person to get a gold medals without hard work, tears and perspiration. There is absolutely NO need to put up these photos to degrade or belittle China's success.

  6. Meh. So what, they train little kids, even pre-schoolers. So does the USA. There are training facilities in every major city across the United States that accepts children of all ages.

    IMO, China should win a lot more medals than what they do. With over 1 billion people you would think at least a few would be athletic.

  7. This article is not against training children, it can be a good thing ...but subjecting them to anguish! if USA does it shame on them.The young kids are terrified and nothing justifies the"you must win or you are nothing" mentality that is being inculcated in these young minds.they dont have even freedom of choice or free will in the matter...reminds me of slavery!

  8. Personally I prefer the 'win or nothing' attitude. I have heard all the propaganda being spit out by US media against Chinese training facilities, but truth be told the USA is becoming a babysitter society.

    Today, Elementary school kids are being told that 'there are no winners' and 'everyone wins'. I hate it. I can just imagine the US society when these children grow up... 'It's OK that you lost the Jeffrey Account', we are all winners still!'

    BS. It is just setting kids up for failure down the road.

  9. the picture where the kids are hanging from the bar are edited..the heads are photoshopped onto the body's of probably older gymnasts..plus the kid in the background is hanging from a bar but it's legs are behind the window..



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