22 August, 2008

Big Brother Africa 3:Housemates Uncovered !

This Sunday August the 24th 2008 Africa will meet the successful 12 participants or house mates of Big Brother 3.The show will be aired live on MNET Africa,DSTV Channel 198 and Africa Magic !Unfortunately their identities cannot be revealed at the moment but its less than 48 hours before Africa is finally introduced not only to the participants but also to the new remodeled Big Brother 3 Pent House!The participants are drawn from the following Countries:Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe

In Big Brother 2 ,Kenya's representative to the House called Jeff Anthony Omondi did not live up to audience expectation(the guy was evicted second) and was for the most time aloof! So who has made it this time? Unfortunately the participants and their families are under a strict code not to divulge information before the opening show lest they become prematurely disqualified but you can trust this site to keep you adequately informed on the positive and interesting aspects of the Big Brother III show!Up for grabs for the last contestant to leave the house on sunday 23rd November, 2008 after weekly evictions is US dollars 100,000/=.Fans stay tuned!


1.Hazel Warren from Malawi 2.Latoya Lyakurwa From Tanzania 3.Lucille Naobes From Namibia

4.Wilhelmina Abu -Andani(Mimi) from Ghana 5.Morris Mugisha from Uganda 6.Munyaradzi Chidzonga from Zimbabwe

7.Ricco Venancio from Angola 8.Sheila Kwamboka from Kenya(we broke off from the male monotony this time) 9.Takondwa Nkonje from Zambia

10.Tawana Lebani from Botswana 11.Thamsanq(Thami) Prusent from South Africa 12.Uti Nwachukwa from Nigeria

Truth be told there is alot of Physical Beauty in the House!!!!

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  1. Can't wait either. I've still never understood the criteria used for selecting housemates. Jeff Anthony of BBA2 looked even uncomfortable in there. Like that was not his kind of thing.

    Whatever the show has in store this time I hope it's bloggable.

  2. whats up yal? my name is mathangeni but some call me joe.t jus cant wait to see the chikens and the eagles in da house

  3. Wow! thanks for the pictures. Lots of beauty I agree. I hope you don't mind if I use them on the other side?

    Sheila (Kenya) looks so much at home in the house.

  4. Big brother this trunig out to be agas.Thanks Bigs for this one.

  5. True True Shiko-you are welcome to use the photos9courtesy of Mnet Africa

  6. Holla! This is Sandy. This years BBA3 is getting hot. We expect more fireworks as time goes by.

  7. You know for one thing why i like like this bigbrother thing it's cause the people are so open about each other.the kenya ladyis so open.Unlike were you try to say yhat allis while it does not have every go for you.



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