06 August, 2008

Big Brother Africa III(3)

The third edition of Big Brother Africa show is set to begin on local tv screens starting from 24th August,2008 and ending on Sunday 23rd November(thats 91 days watch for reality tv enthusiasts)!The show will be screened 24/7 on DSTV Channel 198.Im certain that the eyes of many Kenyans(among many African colleagues) will be glued to their television screens ready to feast on the reality tv show which frequently features among other things obscene scenes(unfortunately the show has been the cause of many break ups and divorce cases due to the flirtatious nature of most contestants)!but i guess again thats what keeps the crowds glued to the screen in this day and age- talk of the debauched interests of a so called "modern society!"

The Countries:
The shows producers Endemol South Africa have already narrowed down the house mates(the application process closed on 30 April, 2008) to be unveiled at the grand opening show.The reality tv show will be screened across twelve countries i.e Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi,Namibia,Nigeria,South Africa(the big brotha house is located in Randburg)Tanzania,Zambia,Uganda,Zimbabwe.Most Kenyans probably remember Big Brother One which featured the Tusker Project Fames Host Gaetano Kagwa, but the new Big Brother Season III will be hosted by the scintillating Channnel O VJ presenter Kabelo Ngakane!

The Prize:

Interestingly the American Big Brother Show is in its 10th Season, while Africa is in its third season but again Africa has seen atleast five editions of the big brother series ...i.e Big Brother Africa I & II, Big Brother SA I & II and the latest entrant Big Brother Nigeria. Big Brother Africa III grand prize of US $ 100,000 was won by Tanzanian Richard Bezuidenhoutven.So who will win Big Brother III ?but i bet the question first is who has made it to the house?and will it be any interesting or a flop like Big Brother Africa II.....

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  1. Channel 198 is one busy one this season. It's hosting BBA3 hot on the heals of the Olympic games.

    I'm looking forward to blogging about big brother. I already have a new blog set up just waiting.

    I hope there'll be no overly outrageous incidences this time.

  2. Kabelo is still around - he is the reason I liked watching Channel O back in the good ol' days

  3. will try to watch it, though with studies and all else...

  4. I for one cannot wait to watch people do nothing interesting. Maybe it is because I find DSTV has become a bit tedious! And as shiko-msa says it ill be interesting to blog about!

  5. Big Brother 2 was really fun to watch ( especially crazy Richard aka Funk Master )
    i hope season 3 would be more exciting with more characters like that. And oh more sexy hotties like Meryl and Tatiana

  6. Shiko, Nipo salama salmini!hi, im back was on Leave but expect a post soon,Thanks for the concern

  7. Big brother is one of the most interesting reality shows.It portrays true human nature and character.

  8. Well said Anon 4.01. Being in the free world is something we all take for granted. After all we grow up and live our lives around people.

    But Big Brother shows the effects of confinement and monotony on the human spirit. Personally monotony would kill me! True there are different tasks and challenges every day but still.......

  9. Its good channel 198 is busy with BB but not all of us have the pleasure of owning it can we have on one of the local channels the way it used to be



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