04 June, 2010

World Cup Tips:Safety & Security !

With less than 6 days and counting to the 2010 Fifa World Cup Kick off match in South Africa it is important to share some little tips with the world at Large.Over a billion eyes will be glued to the Television Screens all around the World to watch the World Cup Football finals .The eyes will watch with intense emotions, feelings ,loyalty, admiration,disdain ,hate and other emotions however my tip is we all need to remember "ITS JUST A GAME " .There will be losers and winners but that's the beauty of it.Its Just a Game.

Unfortunately while there is relatively calm in many homesteads now since the games have not begun ,much will change in 6 days time.Indeed unfortunately due to misplaced feelings some will die due to small arguments, misunderstandings ..etc all over a game of football.So now the viewers can prepare themselves emotionally and mental after all "the World cup is just a game".Cheer your team but respect the right of others to cheer theirs. Do not brawl or fight,yet you are not even a player and perhaps will never be.Maintain a sense of decorum, enjoy your drinks but remember after all "its just a game".

There is blog that over the years monitors the bizarre killings and deaths that result due to World Cup and the deaths are reported in each and every continent across various strata of society and social classes.You can read it at the following link  , Its quite unfortunate and quite preventable for these deaths to occur.Hence; a lot of self control and self discipline is required.

For those who will have traveled to South Africa, remember that the Country's crime rate is exceptionally high and that will not change ,no not even for this event.South Africa's 50 murders a day translate into 38.6 for every 100,000 citizens, compared to 0.88 in Germany, host of the last World Cup.Stay safe in this period do not become a crime statistic.

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